= Seasonal Safari Zone =

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Today marks the day that we release the Safari Zone for both Indigo and Survival servers!

You can get there by warping with /warp Safari. (Leave with /warp spawn)

Within, you will find that all 4 seasons have been included. For Ranked players, all 4 seasons will be accessible at any time they want. For those that don't have a rank, they will still have full access to the current season; Fall Most if not all Pixelmon should spawn as you walk through the grass throughout the Safari Zone, and a full spawn list can be found on our wiki; http://wiki.pokeplay.io/index.php/Safari_Spawning

Legendaries will still spawn in the Safari Zone. However once survival gets its' legendary shrine update, the Safari Zone will also be including the concept.

Soon the Safari Zone will also include features such as Boss spawning areas, timed boosted zones, and respawning loot. So there's still plenty to come out!


Pokeplay Conversion to Pixelmon Generations!

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The time has finally come, Pokeplayers!

Pokeplay will be making its huge update to Pixelmon Generations 8.5.1 and Biomes O Plenty 7.0.1 on Friday July 30th, starting at 11 AM Eastern Standard Time. During this update, the servers will be down. We obviously can't give an exact length on the update, we expect it to take roughly 6-8 hours. But we will keep any members updated via Discord should the time change too much.

We gave our best effort in being able to transfer everything perfectly. However, there are some instances where that just wasn't possible. The following is a list of things to look out for, and take screenshots/video of. You will then be able to take this through the forums/ticket system to have these returned manually. Being thorough with your proof will only make this process easier on both the player and the Staff.

>> Crate Keys | Due to changes in IDs, we have not been able to have these converted properly. Meaning you can...


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Every single weekend starting now, we'll be giving every server a buff. Whether it be boss rates, hidden ability chance, or more!

This weekend, we're starting this weekly event with a bang, by giving ALL servers DOUBLE Experience from all battles, and DOUBLE Shiny rates! On top of that, on survival reborn we have also DOUBLED the chance for a successful legendary spawn, and HALVED the timer it takes until the next spawn attempt.

So get on now until Monday Morning to take advantage of these buffs!

<< PokeNav Menu and More!!! >>

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Hey there, PokePlayers!

Today we're here to announce the release of our new PokeNav Menu! You can access this menu at any time by doing /menu or /pokenav!

There are a lot of things to cover within this menu, so I'll try to lay it out as simple as possible!
>> Server Links: Displays links to the Forums, Wiki, Discord and Store!
>> Server Stats: Displays a short description of the server you are on, as well as the amount of players online and server TPS!
>> Player Stats: Information about yourself such as your balance, rank, playtime, and Player Battle wins/losses!
>> /spawn button: Sends you to the server spawn!
>> Tag Changer: Only visible to donors, will bring up your available custom tags that you can change at will!
>> PokeNav Kit: Gives you a PokeNav compass that you can right click to open the menu! If you lose it for some reason, this will give you a new one once every 24 hours!
>> Gym...

RAIDS have been spotted across Pokeplay.io!

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Hey there once again Pokeplayers!

I hope you guys have been enjoying all the rewards and special spawns that we've offered during our Valentine's Event thus far!

What I'm here to announce is the new Raid Pokemon that will be appearing periodically across the servers!


What's a Raid Pokemon?
> Until we have fully ensured that these raids work smoothly, raids will be spawned manually by the Admin team at different times of the day. If you would like to be notified exactly when a raid is about to happen, react to the pinned message in #raid-watch on our Discord to be notified 30-60 minutes before the raid is spawned.

> When you're at the location of the raid, send out any pokemon within range of it and you'll automatically enter the battle! You work as a team with other players to deal damage and defeat the boss. (The HP of the boss is displayed live on its health bar so keep attacking to defeat it!)

> For the...

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