Pokeplay Valentines Day Announcement!

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Hey there Pokeplayers!

On behalf of all the staff here I would like to start off by wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day!

Before we get into what we have in store to celebrate, I first want to relay some information regarding the OP server. Due to an unexpected error, OP experienced a loss of every player's rank and permissions. This isn't something that was caused by anyone/anything in particular, it was simply an unfortunate circumstance.
While we are still working to salvage people's ranks through our store history, I have come to the decision to keep it down for the time being. This is because recently, it has seen quite a decline in interest compared to our other 3 servers. So rather than bring it up the way it was, I want to take this as an opportunity to re-evaluate the direction OP needs to take to become a much better server for you all.

I welcome players of OP to give us feedback on the flaws in the concept of OP, and if you have any suggestions that we can take...

Pokeplay is now on Pixelmon Version 8.1.2!!!

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Hey Pokeplayers!

After a really long day, I'm here to tell you the server is back online! While certain bits may not be perfect, we'll still be working while the server is up to correct anything that may have been missed.

Remember that you'll need Pixelmon 8.1.2 to join! Our Technic pack has been updated to the correct version which you can find by doing !technic in a discord chat.

Thank you all for your patience and if you want to see the major things that have changed, be sure to check out our #whats-new chat for updates!

Server Maintenance Updates

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This has been a long maintenance, so thank you all for your patience while this got done. While we still have a few updates to make before the year is over, the server has now come back online!!!

Check out #whats-new in our discord (Invite link here) to see the major things that have changed with this maintenance apart from general server updates.

Here's a summary:
>> /dexcheck can be used to check your % of dex completed
>> The command above as well as general dex completion rewards should no longer check for Pixelmon that are not in the mod yet.
>> Balance at the bottom left of your inventory should update more accurately when receiving payments from the server or other players, and buying from npc shops.
>> Added a function where players have to accept the rules before being able to run commands or build for the first time.
>> Added a /trade <player> command where you can trade pokemon, money, and...

= Pokeplay Winter Event 2020!!! =

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Hey Pokeplayers!

We’re very grateful for the overall positive response to our revamped Survival Reborn, and remind you that if you haven’t redeemed your compensation package yet to reference our previous announcement!

Today we’re happy to release our Winter Event that will last from now until the end of January 10th. Here’s what you can expect to find during the event;

- New Winter Textures for Snover, Abomasnow, Stantler, Skorupi, Drapion, Wooloo and Dubwool (PC Icons for these textures will be implemented when completed in the next week.

- Winter Event Map you can travel to from the warp signs near the spawn of the respective server.

- Underground Toy Factory Scavenger Hunt : Find all 20 loot signs to redeem a Random Winter Legendary! (Sharing Locations will not be allowed; if you find someone doing so please report them to staff)

- Galarian Articuno Feather Quest : Go to Articuno’s...

Survival Reborn!

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While the old survival servers were able to end their reign in a BANG, we're now happy to announce the REBIRTH of a new generation of the survival server!

Letting go of the other servers may have come as a hard choice to accept, I assure you that this change will result in bigger and better updates for the survival server to come very soon!

In case you missed our previous announcements about the compensation packages. In short, if you had a rank on a previous survival server, head over to our store to accept compensation packages based on your rank. You should be able to redeem those equivalent to your highest purchased rank and below. (For example, if you had a champion rank on any of the survival servers, you will be able to accept the packages from Bronze all the way up to Champion's)
(Pokemon Donor Prefixes will be set up and available again later today/tomorrow)

If you are unable to redeem the pack and you are sure...

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