Hey there, PokePlayers!

Today we're here to announce the release of our new PokeNav Menu! You can access this menu at any time by doing /menu or /pokenav!

There are a lot of things to cover within this menu, so I'll try to lay it out as simple as possible!
>> Server Links: Displays links to the Forums, Wiki, Discord and Store!
>> Server Stats: Displays a short description of the server you are on, as well as the amount of players online and server TPS!
>> Player Stats: Information about yourself such as your balance, rank, playtime, and Player Battle wins/losses!
>> /spawn button: Sends you to the server spawn!
>> Tag Changer: Only visible to donors, will bring up your available custom tags that you can change at will!
>> PokeNav Kit: Gives you a PokeNav compass that you can right click to open the menu! If you lose it for some reason, this will give you a new one once every 24 hours!
>> Gym Info: Will track which Gyms you have defeated, as well as displays some information about each.
>> Command Info: Displays a menu with many of the commands you can have access to, as well as which ranks you need to use them!
>> Music Player: Let's you play some music tracks for your adventure! Feel free to suggest some of your favorite Pokemon Tunes and we might include some of the most popular ones in the future!
>> Kits: Gives a preview of what's included in every Kit as well as an easy way to use multiple in quick succession
>> Daily Item Roll: A new way to claim and use your Daily Key in one convenient location!
>> Crate Keys: Gives a short description of each crate; more detailed previews to come in the future. As well as a possible way to use the crates from the menu instead of /warp crates. We also added /keys for an easier command to check your key balance!
>> Tokes: Opens the Token Menu. You can still use /tokens
>> Dex Completion Rewards: Lists every Dex Completion reward and which ones you've already claimed. Also displays your current Pokedex %
>> PokeBingo: A feature coming to all servers on March 1st, it will be a game where you catch the Pixelmon on your Bingo board to receive many rewards!
>> /Hunt: Brings up the /Hunt, however we are developing a more in depth version of the Hunt System Soon!
>> Raids: This button will become available when Raids return on March 1st! It will display what kind of rewards the Raids will give as well as warp you to our Raid Den Arena!

[Survival Exclusive]
>> Skill Menu -
A feature that is currently still in development but will see the light of day very soon!

[Adventure Exclusive]
>> Map Menu -
A small UI aimed to help players find their way around the adventure maps! It is currently not as detailed as we'd like it to be, so expect many improvements to come such as town and route warps, as well as additional guiding text.
>> Backpacks - A simpler button to use the backpack command for newer players, as well as providing locations on where to get them.

There are a few buttons that you will find that I did not mention here, and we will provide more information on them as their features come to light!

A few more things to mention are that we have replaced the Streamer Crate with a new Elite Trainer Crate. We've heard a lot of things about some of the things you guys have wanted (And not wanted) out of the Streamer Crate. This new Elite Trainer Crate includes many of the existing Streamer Crate contents with;
> Removed Fossils
> Added the ability to get other crates such as Training, Battle Item, Megastone and Z-Crystal.
> Increased the variety of Legendary Items to include things like Orb Shards, DNA Splicers, Rubies, and Prison Bottle.
> Included every Natured Mint
> Added Ability Capsule, Dynamax Candy and Bottle Caps

Last but not least on the Survival Reborn server, if you have defeated all 8 Gyms you will be able to challenge the Battle Tower on the Spawn Island!
This Tower can be attempted once every 24 hours, and completing it will reward you with an Elite Trainer Key!

We hope you guys will enjoy the new menu and look forward to all the upcoming changes! Good Luck Trainers!!!


There are currently 51 different Pokémon songs according to google, will all 51 be able to be played in the music menu? I am just wondering if you took the time into putting that much music into the game if so great job

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