The time has finally come, Pokeplayers!

Pokeplay will be making its huge update to Pixelmon Generations 8.5.1 and Biomes O Plenty 7.0.1 on Friday July 30th, starting at 11 AM Eastern Standard Time. During this update, the servers will be down. We obviously can't give an exact length on the update, we expect it to take roughly 6-8 hours. But we will keep any members updated via Discord should the time change too much.

We gave our best effort in being able to transfer everything perfectly. However, there are some instances where that just wasn't possible. The following is a list of things to look out for, and take screenshots/video of. You will then be able to take this through the forums/ticket system to have these returned manually. Being thorough with your proof will only make this process easier on both the player and the Staff.

>> Crate Keys | Due to changes in IDs, we have not been able to have these converted properly. Meaning you can either choose to spend these keys prior to the conversion, or take a screenshot of your key list to have them returned afterwards.

>> Inventories/Chests | There are many items that do still share the same item ID, but some such as TMs and Mints do not. The ideal way to take screenshots of these items is to hover over them with your mouse as you do. This way, you will also capture the name of the item. Allowing us to easily distinguish which item it is. For any items that do not exist in Generations. Unfortunately, there's not much to salvage there.

>> Indigo Backpacks | As with many of these, a difference in IDs simply locks the entire backpack. We have decided to just not convert with the old data. Players can either remove the items from their backpacks prior to conversion, or take a screenshot of what's inside.

>> Hyper Trained IVs and Mint Natures | Due to the way that these are stored on the Pixelmon, we have no choice in returning these manually. The Pixelmon will convert over just fine, but without either of these qualities. Using the /checkstats <slot#> command, a player can easily show what IVs were applied with a Bottle Cap.

>> Pixelmon within Pokegift chests or Fossil Machines | It is recommended that you take the opportunity to take back any Pixelmon that are stored in by other means than your Party or PC. Many if not all Pixelmon related blocks will change due to differing block IDs, meaning any Pixelmon within them will be lost if left there.

>> Alolan/Galar Forms | Due to the number values being quite inconsistent in the current Pixelmon version, there is no reasonable way to go through each Pixelmon and verify that the forms get changed to the corresponding value. If there are certain Pixelmon who's regional forms you absolutely want kept, take a screenshot of them to have it manually converted later.

In the end, there are always chances for bugs, and because of that I want to encourage everyone to still take whatever screenshots they can of the important things they care about. I reassure that all data will be completely backed up before any conversion begins; and we are committed to helping everyone gain back anything they need to!

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