Hey there once again Pokeplayers!

I hope you guys have been enjoying all the rewards and special spawns that we've offered during our Valentine's Event thus far!

What I'm here to announce is the new Raid Pokemon that will be appearing periodically across the servers!


What's a Raid Pokemon?
> Until we have fully ensured that these raids work smoothly, raids will be spawned manually by the Admin team at different times of the day. If you would like to be notified exactly when a raid is about to happen, react to the pinned message in #raid-watch on our Discord to be notified 30-60 minutes before the raid is spawned.

> When you're at the location of the raid, send out any pokemon within range of it and you'll automatically enter the battle! You work as a team with other players to deal damage and defeat the boss. (The HP of the boss is displayed live on its health bar so keep attacking to defeat it!)

> For the duration of the Valentines event, every participant will get 1 Valentines key for participating, whether they were the final hit, dealt the most damage, or just joined in. However, after the Valentines event we will be changing up the reward pool to include lots of different great things, as well as different sets of rewards for those that killed it or dealt the most damage!

We're really excited to hear how you guys enjoy these new raids, good luck out there Trainers!


If you look at the top and click the "Modpack" button, there should be a modpack and guide to installing it to get on the server!

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